• Advanced Custom Fields - Making it work for you and your clients

    Making Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Work for You and Your Clients

    If you build client sites with WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is an indispensable tool for structuring your content. In this post, I’ll show you how to leverage the power of ACF to allow your clients to update and edit their own content without knowing any code, while helping you streamline your development workflow in… Read more »

  • Akzidenz Grotesk typeface specimen sheet

    Type We Love: 02 Akzidenz Grotesk

    Akzidenzen means ‘commercial work’ or ‘commercial printing’ thus Akzidenz Grotesk was a typeface created for and used in commercial, scientific or trade work. A distinctly modern sans-serif or grotesque typeface, Akzidenz Grotesk is often seen as the modern typeface, influencing all sans-serif typefaces to follow, including Helvetica. Its unadorned monoline design stands in stark contrast… Read more »

  • Grate Theme - CSS Grid

    CSS Grid: Liberate the markup!

    tl:dr; While integrating CSS Grid into our starter theme, Grate we need to restructure our markup, stripping it down to functional HTML components to work with CSS Grid the right way. A little preface on CSS Grid CSS Grid is a major milestone for CSS and web development in general and it is finally ready…. Read more »

  • - Type We Love - Monaco

    Type We Love: 01 Monaco

    “A great typeface makes me happy.” — Joshua The Monaco typeface was designed by Susan Kare and Kris Holmes at Apple in 1988. Susan Kare designed all of the early Apple type and icons which gave the Mac its personality. Anyone who has owned a Mac has seen the Monaco typeface as it has been… Read more »

  • - Type Triad

    Type We Love: 00 Intro

    Welcome to Type We Love! In this series of posts, we’re going to introduce some typefaces we love and why. As designers and coders, type and typography are central to what we do. “Web design is 95% typography” — Oliver Reichenstein When the above quote was printed in 2006 it was before web fonts, auto-play… Read more »

  • Our local Shopify environment with ThemeKit, CodeKit and browser refreshing just got hired to update and customize a large client’s Shopify e-commerce stores and while we had some Shopify experience, we needed to step up our game and get a professional workflow working and fast. Coming from developing locally with WordPress, Shopify is quite a bit different as there is no local environment per… Read more »

  • Retina images and clients

    At, all of the websites we create support retina displays and have since 2013. With upwards of 75% of mobile browsing done on retina display devices, to not support them would be…erm…shortsighted. Supporting retina displays is the right thing to do for developers but making it easy for clients to continue support is not… Read more »

  • ACF Pro

    Customizing the WP Admin for clients using ACF Pro

    At, when building WordPress sites for our clients one of the services we offer is creating a customized WP Admin. Every client is different but often this entails creating custom edit screens for Pages and/or Posts, giving the client an Options page to add or update contact information or social links in their site’s… Read more »

  • BioDesign

    BioDesign is now

    BioDesign is dead. Long live! You may have noticed we have changed our name from BioDesign to We are now a full-service design studio with a worldwide, multidisciplinary team ready to work on projects large and small. From websites to UI/UX to music production to motion graphics and everything in between, we’re ready… Read more »