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studio.bio Template theme

studio.bio‘s Template is an HTML5/CSS3 super stripped-down theme for WordPress developers using Sass/SCSS. It is largely based on the amazing Bones theme by Eddie Machado. Yet, we customized it to include the styles and functions that we use often in development and removed the stuff we never use (post formats and paginated posts, I’m looking at you).

If you’re a developer that can use a well commented theme packed with useful functions and base styles, Template might be right up your alley. We’ve stripped out as much bloat as possible while still providing enough to get a site up and running in a matter of minutes.

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Version 1.0 available now!

We also have a super stripped-down theme with just the very minimum called Plate.

Template features:

  • OS system font stacks built-in: MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Retina image support
  • Custom post type sample plugin
  • Comprehensive body class functions
  • Extensive Theme Customizer functions
  • HTML schema
  • Updated title functions
  • …and much, much more (but not too much)

Happy WP developing!