Our Team

  • Joshua Michaels

    Founder and Senior Developer

    Web Development, UX/UI Design, Brand Strategy, Design, Music Production, Bad Jokes

    Joshua studied architecture and visual studies at UC Berkeley where he became interested in using a systems approach to solving design problems. He got involved with the web in early 1992 moving to Chicago in the mid-1990s to pursue djing and music production, while still working on web and design projects. Joshua continues to dj and produce music, moving back to Chicago in 2009, where he has lived and worked ever since.

  • Lulu Tsui

    Principal UX/UI Designer

    UX/UI Design, Strategy, App Development, Branding, Design

    Based in New York City, Lulu joined our team in 2015 and has 15+ years of experience in designing interfaces for mobile applications. She applies user centered design methodologies to create digital products that are adopted and discoverable by end users. Her personal touches and extensive use of user stories sets her apart and brings a deep understanding to her designs. She has worked with Bloomberg LP, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, John Hopkins University, Roche, Thermo Fisher, E2Open, Contact Solutions, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill, among others.

  • Mark Creaghan

    Senior Designer

    3D Rendering, Motion Graphics, Animation, Design

    Starting off in smoky London print shops and photographic studios, in the days before digital technology, Mark has a skillset that has only been complemented by the advent of computers and graphics software. His core competency still lies in high-end photographic retouching but recently that has been expanded to include 3D product modelling, product visualisation, animation, and motion graphics. And due to his tireless curiosity in these matters, if some other new thing comes along, he’ll probably be into that too.

  • Lynda Jorgensen Licastro

    Senior Visual Designer

    Brand Strategy, Design, SUP Enthusiast

    Lynda studied design and art history at Michigan State University and moved to Chicago in 1989. Early in her career she got involved in social design and became the Design Director for a major non-profit organization. She has pursued additional design challenges and produced work for a variety of clients with her own practice. In her free time, she’s passionate for watersports including kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Lynda lives in Glenview, IL.

  • Jon Iler

    Web Developer/Designer

    Web Development, Design, Music Production

    Jon joined studio.bio in 2016 and is up and coming developer currently working on numerous projects. He enjoys a good challenge and applying his eye for design to create finished products that clients will adore. He loves meeting new people and creating innovative ways to solve problems at hand.

  • Elizabeth Allan

    Master of Words

    Copywriter, Editor, Novelist, Journalist, Blogger, English tutor.

    Elizabeth has been writing stories since she was eight, leading her to study English literature and linguistics at the University of Auckland. After getting a graduate degree in journalism she has worked as a freelance copywriter and editor, as well as teaching English language in New Zealand and overseas. Elizabeth has recently completed a master's in creative writing and moved to Chicago.