Bio Dark Theme

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A dark theme for VS Code inspired by Oceanic Next and Solarized Dark. Optimized for JavaScript (React), PHP, HTML, and Sass/SCSS. Get it here:

More emphasis on blues rather than greens as in Oceanic Next and Solarized. Colors are optimized for uniqueness, contrast, and comprehension. Extra attention was given to accentuate distinguishing features on a per-syntax basis to help with development.

📸 Screenshots


Bio Dark Theme: React


Bio Dark Theme: HTML/PHP


Bio Dark Theme: Sass/SCSS

🗒 Notes:

  • The code in the screenshots (except for React) is from our WordPress starter theme Plate.

  • The typeface in the screenshots is SF Mono at 13px.

  • Not all languages were tested so if you have suggestions for a language that doesn’t look quite right, I encourage you to submit a pull request here:

  • Special thanks to Sarah Drasner for her excellent article on creating a VS Code theme, Ahmad Awais for help, Oceanic Next, and Ethan Schoonover and the Solarized project.

We hope you make something cool with this theme!