Plate WordPress Theme

Template Theme

“I shall call it: mini-mal.”‘s Plate is a super stripped-down theme for WordPress developers using Sass/SCSS. It has evolved from our other theme Template which was based on the amazing Bones theme by Eddie Machado. Plate removes everything but the basics so you can start fresh.

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Version 1.2 available now!

We also have an HTML5, responsive, retina-ready starter theme that Plate was based on called Template.

Plate features:

  • super stripped-down blank theme with just a few crucial defaults
  • OS system font stacks built-in: MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Retina image support
  • Custom post type sample plugin
  • Comprehensive body class functions
  • Extensive Theme Customizer functions
  • HTML schema
  • Updated title functions
  • …and much, much more (but not too much)